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3F Cha

3F Cha

The tatami room with a raised floor (tokonoma) is equipped with a hearth, making it suitable for use as a tea room.
The tatami sofa and table are exquisite pieces crafted by a renowned workshop in Hida, known for its woodworking craftsmanship.

The raised tatami room, separated by sliding doors, can accommodate up to three sets of traditional Japanese futon bedding, making it popular among families with young children who prefer to sleep together.
The tatami sofa can also be used as a bed.

By keeping the furniture in a low, as a modern Japanese style, the space becomes relaxing and comfortable.

This room can also be used as a rental space.
The tatami room with a raised floor and hearth can be used as a tea room.
Additionally, the table serves as a standing tea table for tea ceremonies, sencha (Japanese green tea) sessions, Chinese tea ceremonies, ikebana (flower arranging), and kimono dressing lessons. It is also suitable for use as a photography studio.

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Amenities & Facilities

〇Mini-kitchen: equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, and tableware (no cooking utensils provided)
〇Bathroom adorned with illustrations by Masasato Sekine. With two washbowls, preparing for outings is a breeze.
〇Full set of tea ceremony utensils available for tea practice sessions.