Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Accommodation Plans and Reservations

Can the 2nd floor Zen and the 3rd floor Cha be rented?

Depending on the availability of accommodation reservations, please kindly contact us individually through the ‘Inquiry‘ page. We appreciate your understanding.

Due to a sudden increase in participants, is it possible for six people to stay in a room designed for five?

I’m sorry, but due to guidance from the relevant regulatory authorities, we are unable to accommodate guests exceeding the maximum occupancy limit.

What are the check-in and check-out times? What should I do if I will be checking in late?

Check-in is from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. If you plan to arrive after 8:00 PM, please contact us in advance. Additionally, check-out is at 10:00 AM.

The cleaning fee is being charged separately; is it not included in the accommodation fee?

In our case, in addition to the accommodation fee, we charge a cleaning fee for each consecutive overnight stay. For example, even for a one-night stay, a cleaning fee is charged once, and for a four-night stay, the cleaning fee is also charged only once.

Can middle school students or children stay alone?

We do not accept accommodations without at least one adult (20 years or older) staying together.

Can I make reservations directly by phone or email?

Please check the reservation page. You can make reservations there.

Is it possible to stay in just one room instead of renting the entire building?

Yes, besides renting the entire building, we also offer two types of accommodations: “ZEN” on the 2nd floor and “CHA” on the 3rd floor. Please check the reservation page for more details on each option.

Is it possible to rent out the first floor Salon by the hour?

Please inquire individually through the “Contact” page.

Is it possible to rent for long-term stays by corporations?

We have experience accommodating long-term stays (2 months) for corporate rentals. For specific inquiries, please contact us through the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Is it possible to make regular monthly reservations on fixed dates?

When making reservations for fixed dates over a long period, there may be dates that are unavailable depending on your desired fixed dates, duration, and timing. Please contact us through the inquiries page for further assistance.

Is it possible to stay with pets?

I’m sorry, but we do not allow pets to accompany guests during their stay.

2. Facilities and Services

What amenities are available?

– Face towels and bath towels are provided daily for the number of guests.
– Hair dryer
– POLA ESTHE ROYER series shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face & hand soap, deodorant, and antibacterial refresher
– Toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, comb, cotton swabs

[Free Drinks]
– Coffee (Gold Blend instant), tea (tea bags), sugar
– 2L mineral water

– Shoe shining cloth, disposable slippers
Indoor slippers (alcohol-disinfected after each use for your safety)

The above amenities are provided. Please note that cosmetics and pajamas are not provided, so please bring your own.

Do you have an iron?

Yes. On the 2nd floor “ZEN”, there is a trouser press. On the 3rd floor “CHA”, there is an iron and an ironing board for your use.

In the case of consecutive nights, do I need to wash the towels myself?

No, we provide fresh bath towels, face towels for each person, and one bath mat per night of your stay. Used towels can be placed in the designated bag and left in the hallway.
We’ll ensure you have fresh towels every day for a comfortable stay.

What credit cards are accepted?

Credit cards accepted include the following five types:
VISA, Master Card, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club, JCB

Do you provide slippers for use in the rooms?

We provide sanitized slippers for each guest in the rooms, as well as disposable slippers.
Please feel free to relax and enjoy your stay.

Do you have complimentary drinks available?

We provide complimentary mineral water (2L) in each room.

Do you have rental items available for children?

We provide various rental items for children, including LEGO, picture books, play mats, children’s chairs, children’s tableware, and a children’s bath chair.
Additionally, we offer a NINTENDO SWITCH with games such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

In case of an emergency, where should I contact?

The office phone number is 070-7622-3090, so please feel free to contact us.
Additionally, the owner’s family resides on the 4th floor of the property, and there is an intercom at the “Saraku” entrance that directly connects to their residence.
You may also use this method to reach us apart from phone calls.

How do I check in?

To check in, please ring the doorbell on the intercom at the entrance, and the host will assist you.
The entrance is equipped with a keypad lock, and the access code will be provided to you after check-in.
Please rest assured that the access code is changed for each guest, ensuring your security during your stay.

Is it possible to leave my luggage before check-in?

We can hold one piece of luggage per person, about the size of a regular suitcase, in our office or another designated area from 1:00 PM on the day of check-in.
Please contact us in advance to arrange the time for dropping off your luggage before your arrival date.

Do I have to set up my own futon for sofa beds, tatami beds, and extra beds?

If you have any requests, we will be happy to set them up in advance.
Please feel free to contact us.

Are the beds single or double?

All of the beds are single size.
The bunk beds on the second floor (capacity for 5 people) are large and roomy, 100 cm wide and 230 cm long, so tall people can sleep comfortably.
The sofa bed is a standard single size.
The third floor (capacity for 4 people) has three sets of single-size Japanese futon beds and a single-size tatami bed.

Is Internet access available?

High-speed high-capacity business WIFI (free of charge) is available throughout the entire building. Password will be provided upon check-in.

What kind of equipment is available for rent?

◎NINTENDO SWITCH (Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Fortnite Battle Royale, etc.), Chromecast
◎Takoyaki sets, hot plates, pot sets (earthenware pots, stoves, tableware), ovens and pizza cookware
◎LEGO, picture books, play mats, children’s chairs, children’s tableware, children’s bath chairs
◎Printers, online lighting, monitors, PC racks, whiteboards etc.
are available.

Please contact us in advance for use.

Are there places where I can smoke? Can I use electronic cigarettes?

We are sorry, but smoking is not permitted in the entire building. Electronic cigarettes are also not permitted.

Is there a parking lot?

We are sorry, but we do not have a parking lot.
There are many coin-operated parking lots in the neighborhood, and there is one each to the north and south of our block (about 15 meters away).
Guests usually use those parking lots.

Do you have cribs?

We do not have cribs available, but there is a small tatami-mat room on the third floor with a Japanese-style futon, which provides a safe and comfortable environment for babies and is very popular with families with babies.
There is also an elevator for safe and comfortable travel throughout the hotel.

Are cell phone chargers available for rent?

Sorry, we do not provide cell phone chargers.

Do you have pajamas or yukatas?

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please bring your own pajamas.
In case you forget your pajamas, we have two sets of pajamas for emergency rental, one for men and one for women, for 200 yen per set (up to 2 nights).

Do you have a humidifier?

Humidifiers are available in each room only during the winter season.
Please feel free to use it.

Is it possible to send and receive packages in advance?

If you inform us in advance, we will keep your luggage, which is about the capacity of a normal travel bag, until check-in.
Please refrain from bringing valuables, breakables, perishables, and items that may get wet.
Please note that you will be asked to present your driver’s license or other identification when you hand over your luggage.

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew.
The front door is always locked, but can be opened with a code.
We ask for your cooperation in not disturbing other residents and neighbors when entering or leaving the building at night.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, we do not have a completely universal design, and there are steps at the entrance.
However, we have minimized the number of steps inside the building as much as possible and installed an elevator so that even narrow folding wheelchairs can be used inside the building.

Is there a safety deposit box in the room?

Each room is equipped with a safety deposit box. Please feel free to use them.

3. Access and vicinity

I would like to have a “tecchiri.” Is there any place where I can order fugu (blowfish)?

There are many restaurants specializing in fugu cuisine in Kuromon Ichiba.
It will be fun to look around when you arrive at Kuromon Ichiba.
Please contact us in advance to place an order.
Earthenware pots, stoves, and other pot sets are also available for rent.

Is there any place to eat breakfast?

We have a blog about neighborhood coffee shops that open early in the morning (7:00am). Please take a look there.

Is there a public bath nearby?

A 30-second walk away is Suehiroyu, a public bathhouse that is open from 6:00 a.m. until midnight.
It has a sauna, a water bath, and an electric bath, and has been well received for its spacious bathtub where you can relax and rest your body.

How can I access from Kansai International Airport?

From Kansai International Airport, take the Nankai Airport Line to Tenga-chaya Station, transfer to the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line to Nihonbashi Station, and get off at Exit 10, a 2-minute walk.

How can I access from Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)?

From Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport), take the limousine bus to JR Namba Station (OCAT), then take the Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line from Namba Station and get off at Nippombashi Station, the first stop, and walk 2 minutes from Exit 10.

I would like to ask for recommendations and information about restaurants.

The owner and was born and raised in Nihonbashi, so we can introduce you to some of the best local places. Please feel free to ask.

How long does it take to get to Kyoto, Nara, or Kobe?

Saraku is conveniently located in Nihonbashi Station, which is directly accessible to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, and Kansai International Airport.

To Kyoto, take the Hankyu Kyoto Line (transfer at Awaji Station), which connects to the Sakaisuji Line, from the nearby Osaka Metro “Nihonbashi Station”, and you can reach “Shijo Kawaramachi Station” in the center of Kyoto in about one hour.
To go to Higashiyama area where Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Yasaka Shrine are located, take the Keihan Limited Express train from Nihonbashi Station on the Osaka Metro Line to Kitahama Station on the Sakaisuji Line (transfer at Kitahama Station), which takes about 1 hour.

To reach Nara, take the Kintetsu Nara Line from “Kintetsu Nihonbashi Station” and arrive at “Kintetsu Nara Station” in 38 minutes.
Nara Park and Todaiji Temple are within walking distance.
Also, to get to Horyu-ji Temple, take the JR Yamato Line rapid train from “JR Namba Station”, one stop on the Osaka Metro from Nihonbashi, to “Oji Station” in 33 minutes.

To Kobe, take the Hanshin Namba Line from “Kintetsu Nihonbashi Station” to “Kobe Sannomiya Station” in 44 minutes.
Sannomiya is the base for sightseeing in Kobe.

Please see the “Access” page for details.

Can I walk to Namba from SARAKU?

It takes about 10 minutes to Namba on foot. On the way, you can visit Kuromon Market, Douguya-suji, Ura Namba, and Namba Grand kagetsu.
Another route is through the Namba Walk underground shopping mall.

Is there a convenience store or supermarket nearby?

There is a relatively large 24-hour supermarket (2-minute walk) in the Kuromon Market, and a convenience store (Family Mart) is located within sight of the hotel (7 houses away). In addition, a liquor store is located to the south of the hotel.