1 F


The space comfortably accommodates 12 people around a large table, providing ample room for relaxation.

1F Salon

We offer our facilities for various events such as girls' gatherings, children's birthday parties, family gatherings with grandparents, and seminar retreats. We provide popular items for children such as NINTENDO SWITCH (featuring games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and Fortnite Battle Royale), Chromecast, LEGO, and storybooks to keep them entertained. Our high-speed, high-capacity business Wi-Fi ensures smooth enjoyment of games and videos. Additionally, we offer rental services for takoyaki sets, hot plates, pot sets, ovens, and more. Nearby, you can find places like Kuromon Market and Italian restaurants offering takeout options, and with the availability of Uber Eats, you can enjoy private parties or family dinners together. Remote work and live streaming are also possible with our high-speed, high-capacity business Wi-Fi.

The Tea Lounge Salon is available for rental during daytime hours.
For more details, please check the Space Rental Salon page for Tea Lounge.


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Amenities and Facilities

Toilet, mini kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, tableware, large screen and high-performance projector, 40-inch TV, whiteboard, one child chair, children's tableware, printer, online lighting, monitor, PC rack (available for rent). Additionally, a fully automatic washing and drying machine is installed in the shared space on the first floor.