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2F Zen

SARAKU’s ‘Zen’ room, praised for its tranquil atmosphere with spacious private beds and comfortable cotton futons, is a favorite among guests.
It features a serene blend of traditional and modern aesthetics, highlighted by Japanese paper art crafted by indigo dye artisans.

The stylish system kitchen has received great acclaim. Guests can enjoy hotpot meals with the renowned fugu from Kuromon Market or request a professional chef to prepare authentic cuisine. Additionally, you can easily transport items to the first-floor party room using the elevator with a provided wagon.

The bed space, resembling a secret hideaway, is designed with a generous 2.30-meter-long size, ensuring ample space for guests who are 190 centimeters or taller to relax comfortably.
The space features lighting, reading lamps, power outlets with USB charging ports, and small windows, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your private sanctuary.
We use traditional Japanese 100% cotton futons for your comfort. Enjoy the handmade craftsmanship by our artisans.
Our sheets and futon covers are also made of 100% cotton, providing a unique and luxurious feel against your skin.

At Zen, guests can enjoy the owner’s special touch with Japanese paper art created by skilled indigo dye artisans, as well as large paper lanterns.
(For more information about SARAKU’s exclusive futons and Japanese paper art, please click here)

Facilities and amenities

〇The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, cooking utensils, and tableware, and additionally, we offer rental of a hotpot set (earthen pot, IH cooker, tableware).
〇In the bathroom, you’ll find illustrations by Masasato Sekine, and with two bowls in the washroom, preparing for outings is a breeze.
〇The capacity is 5 people.